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The Roles of Modules and Hubs in Brain Network Dynamics

Olaf Sporns, Ph.D.- Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University

Presented: April 30, 2015

ABSTRACT: Recent years have seen significant advances in mapping structural and functional brain connectivity across several species, including humans. Common features of brain networks encountered in numerous studies are network modules (clusters of densely connected network elements). Modules and hubs have potentially important roles in shaping the ebb and flow of information flow within the overall network, the brain’s “communication dynamics”. This talk will focus on the structural and functional roles of network modules and hubs in brain networks. I will discuss how hubs are defined and detected in structural and functional network data, and what predictions network models make about their contribution to signaling and communication processes. I will review recent work on how brain hubs are linked into “cores” or “rich clubs” and what this type of network architecture can tell us about integrative brain function.

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