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COINS: Collaborative Informatics Neuroimaging Suite


​Data Collection and Management
As neuroimaging research continues to grow, dynamic neuroinformatics systems are necessary to store, retrieve, mine and share the massive amounts of data. The Collaborative Informatics and Neuroimaging Suite (COINS) has been created to facilitate communication and cultivate a data community. This web-based neuroimaging and neuropsychology software suite offers versatile, automatable data upload/import/entry options, rapid and secure sharing of data among PIs, querying and export all data, real-time reporting, and HIPAA and IRB compliant study-management tools suitable to large institutions as well as smaller scale neuroscience and neuropsychology researchers. Please click on COINS Overview below for more information on the database.

Data Sharing
MRN is dedicated to facilitating data sharing within the research community for ongoing analyses and innovative re-use. The development of COINS (Collaborative Informatics and Neuroimaging Suite) has been geared towards easy sharing of anonymized data. The click-to-share interface provides investigators rapid sharing options for the data collected via the COINS applications. Anonymized datasets currently shared via Data Exchange including raw DICOM/NIFTI data as well as demographic and clinical assessment data.

Among the many datasets shared, COINS was chosen to host and share the ABIDE (Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange) dataset. This includes more than 1,000 datasets (including functional and structural imaging data and phenotypic data for the study of autism) gathered from 15 different sites. COINS Data Exchange is also sharing the CoRR (Consortium for Reliability and Reproducibility) data. The CoRR dataset consists of 1,629 Subjects 3,357 Anatomical Scans, 5,093 Resting Functional Scans, 1,302 Diffusion Scans, 300 CBF and ASL Scans.

For more information on other shared datasets, click here!