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A Brave New World: Telemedicine and eHealth Transforming Systems of Care in New Mexico and the Globa

Dale C. Alverson, M.D.- Medical Director, Center for Telehealth, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

Presented: January 19, 2016

ABSTRACT: Access to appropriate healthcare services are major challenges in New Mexico, across the Nation, and around the world. During this period of potential unprecedented healthcare transformation in the United States, there will be opportunities to provide improved healthcare for all citizens as well as address the “Triple Aims” designed to achieve better health at a lower cost, in which Telemedicine and Health Information Technologies can play an important role. Gaps in access to critical healthcare are also significant in the global community, particularly in developing countries, as well as in rural states such as New Mexico. Leap-frogging over prior barriers, rapid advances in information and communication technologies creating a platform for telemedicine and e-health provide a means to transform systems of care here and throughout the world by bringing greater access to clinical service, consultation, sharing knowledge, education and training, public and community health, health systems development, epidemiology, and research. 

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