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Brain imaging genetics a BIG ENIGMA

Alejandro Arias Vásquez Ph.D. - Radboud University Medical Center, Departments of Psychiatry, Human Genetics & Cognitive Neuro Science

Presented: February 3, 2014 

ABSTRACT: Brain structure and function are highly heritable and genetic factors seem to be partly shared between these brain traits and many psychiatric phenotypes. However, establishing a direct link is challenging. The purpose of my talk is to briefly review the literature in brain imaging genetics and share the current state of the art in our studies of the genetic underpinnings of neurodevelopmental diseases, mainly ADHD, and brain homeostasis. I will discuss the different brain imaging genetic approaches we are using to get these results and the implications our findings might have in the treatment of neurodevelopmental diseases.

BIOGRAPHY: Genetic epidemiology allows the identification of genetic determinants of disease in the population and contributes to the translation of this knowledge into treatment for the individual patient. Dr. Vasquez’s work addresses the link between molecule – human – population by discovering key genetic disease determinants and establishing their role as risk factors for disease. His efforts to combine these genetic risk factors with neurobiology and behavior using state-of –the-art statistical and computational methodology will significantly contribute to modifying and tailoring patients’ treatment in order to cater to their specific needs. To this end, he collaborates with clinical groups of Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry and Clinical Genetics.

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