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Challenges for Big Data Neuromaging Analytics and Resources

John D. Van Horn, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Institute of Neuroimaging and Informatics (INI), Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI), Department of Neurology; University of Southern California

Presented: March 6, 2015

ABSTRACT: Modern neuroimaging is now a ‘big data’ biomedical science. What is more, there is increasing interest in integrating imaging data across spatial, temporal, and human scales into frameworks which promote data mining, meta-analysis, and mega-analyses.  Such abilities will be essential to meet new goals for re-defining things concepts such as mental illness, outcomes for brain injury, and systems-level modeling.  To do so, modern scientific workflow and computational approaches are needed with demonstrable success stories related to unique findings only possible from ‘big data’ analytics.  In this presentation, I will review the current ‘big data’ ecosystem, illustrate the importance of sophisticated workflow methodologies for streamlining large-scale neuroimage processing, and showcase specific examples drawing from data archives which leverage remote cluster computation.  Finally, I will comment on the next steps for success in ‘big data’ neuroscience.

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