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Intrinsic Brain Functional Mapping in Reconstructed Magnetic Susceptibility Dataspace

Zikuan Chen, Ph.D.- Research Scientist at the Mind Research Network

Presented: February 16, 2016

ABSTRACT: BOLD fMRI has been widely accepted for brain functional mapping study. In MRI principle, a BOLD fMRI experiment produces a complex-valued dataset, consisting of magnitude and phase components. The conventional BOLD fMRI only exploits the magnitude dataset. It is understood that the MRI magnitude is formed from the brain tissue magnetic susceptibility source by a cascade of data transformations, including dipole-convolved magnetization, intravoxel dephasing, and complex modulus calculation. Consequently, the magnitude image cannot faithfully represent the brain tissue susceptibility source. This inspires a motivation to reconstruct the brain susceptibility source from fMRI phase data by solving an inverse MRI problem. Based his many-years researches in MRN, the speaker will address, in the presentation, the new trend of brain functional mapping in reconstructed source dataspace, in comparison with conventional BOLD fMRI in magnitude image dataspace.

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