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Data Sharing in Neuroimaging: Incentives, Tools, and Challenges

Chris Filo Gorgolewski- Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University

Presented: February 6, 2015

ABSTRACT: Even though the benefits of sharing neuroimaging data (new discoveries through new methods, validation, metaanalysis, and transparency) it is not widely adopted in our community. Only a small percentage of acquired data is being shared. In this talk I will discuss the causes of this situation and proposes solutions in terms of policies, publishing mechanisms and software. In particular I will cover the concept of data papers, available repositories for neuroimaging data, sharing of statistical maps and standards in reporting neuroimaging results.

BIOGRAPHY: Chris Gorgolewski obtained his PhD at the University of Edinburgh translating neuroimaging methods from cognitive neuroscience to the clinical practice. He later joined the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Mapping where he was working on a wide set of cognitive neuroscience questions ranging from reading comprehension to mind wandering. His main goal is to build tools that would help neuroscientists ask novel questions and work together to better understand the human brain. He is one of the core developers of Nipype workflow framework and NeuroVault.org repository.

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