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Human Brain Dynamics Above and Below the Scalp

David Bridwell, Ph.D.- Research Scientist, The Mind Research Network

Presented: December 15, 2016

ABSTRACT: Differences in cognition and perception are thought to emerge from differences in the dynamic activity of functional brain networks. These networks exist over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales with different modalities or approaches revealing different subsets of networks. With electrophysiology (EEG) frequency tagging, oscillating visual or auditory inputs were presented and different cortical networks entrained to different input frequencies, revealing their functionally distinct properties. With event-related potentials (ERPs), evoked responses were measured and averaged over a series of discrete inputs, and the multiplexed ERP response was subsequently decomposed with multi-subject independent components analysis (ICA). Using this approach, I will discuss relationships between ERP amplitudes and attention and cognitive control in healthy and clinical populations. The multi-subject approach also demonstrates considerable utility for resting EEG, revealing distinct spatiospectral maps which were linked with concurrent fMRI for improved spatiospectral resolution of human brain dynamics. 

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