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The Road to Open Neuroscience: From Analysis Methods to Software Platforms

Dr. Yaroslav O. Halchenko - Dartmouth College, USA

Presented: April 15, 2016

ABSTRACT: In a pursuit of understanding of high level functions of the brain -- how we see, analyze, and react to the world we live in – neuroscience heavily relies on technology and advanced data analysis methods.  With contemporary instrumental methods for neural imaging (electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), etc.) gigabytes of anatomical and functional data are acquired daily. Such worth of data requires advanced analysis methods, heterogeneous platforms for software deployment, and data management.  Meanwhile those analysis methods and supporting technologies grow more complex and harder to learn and to manage. That impairs ability of researchers to efficiently reuse available open resources and to reproduce previous findings. In this talk Yaroslav O. Halchenko will present his ongoing projects which span from insights in visual perception and methods for the analysis of neuroimaging data to establishing free and open-source platforms to harmonize sharing, deployment and management of data, methods/software, and results.  All of those in a pursuit of making neuroscience more open, more efficient, and more reproducible.

Information shared in this lecture was requested be held from public access. MRN employees can access the presentation here.

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