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MRIVIEW and CSST information can be found at:

Download MEGAN

netMEG files:
Download C Code to read netMEG files
Download IDL Code to read netMEG files

MATLAB users can use netCDF toolboxes from the following sites to import netMEG files:


Whom To Contact

An email list of investigators interested in using this web portal already exists. If you are interested in adding your name to this list please send email to Cheryl Aine--aine@unm.edu.

We thank our consultants John Mosher and Matti Hämäläinen and our other Mind Research Network partners (Hämäläinen, Ahlfors, Foxe at MGH and Georgopoulos and Leuthold at VA/UMN in Minneapolis) for their support on various aspects of this project. Supported by: R21MH080141, R01AG020302. If you intend to use any of these data/tools for publishing purposes, please cite the R21MH080141 grant in your acknowledgments.

Local Site Contributors:

Adam Scott, MRN Cheryl Aine, UNM SOM Chris Donahue, UNM SOM
Doug Ranken, LANL Elaine Best, MRN/LANL Faith Hanlon, MRN
Jason MacArthur, MRN Jennifer Bryant, UNM SOM Jeremy Bockholt, MRN
Julia Stephen, MRN Katie Gilliam, MRN Laura Urrea, MRN
Lori Sanfratello, UNM SOM Mike Weisend, MRN Rebecca Montano, UNM SOM
Theodore Wallace, UNM SOM