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COBRE Phase 3 ADA //


DIRECTOR: VINCE CLARK, PHD (MRN & UNM Psychology & Neuroscience)

Co-director: Julia Stephen, PhD (MRN)

Consultants: Robert Oostenveld, PhD, Matti Hämäläinen, PhD, Tulay Adali, PhD

This core fulfills the need for centralized image analysis resources. These resources include tools designed for measurement and analysis of sMRI, MRS, fMRI, DTI, genetics, EEG and MEG data. The ADA Core will play a leading role in developing and providing software that is needed to solve basic image analysis problems that arise when working with MRI and MEG data. It will also play a primary role in analyzing the imaging data generated by the various projects, such as the measurement of specific structures for morphometric analysis or processing pipelines for MEG and fMRI data.  


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