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COBRE Phase 2 Project 1: Jing Sui //

Discriminating schizophrenia from bipolar disorder by N-way multimodal fusion of brain imaging data

Principal Investigator: Jing Sui, PhD, Assistant Professor, MRN

Mentors: Vince Calhoun, PhD (MRN & UNM ECE) and Kent Kiehl, PhD (MRN & UNM psychology)

Consultants: Godfrey Pearlson, MD (psychiatry, expert in imaging and genetics of SZ and BP) and Andrew McIntosh, MD (psychiatry, expert in brain imaging of mood disorders)

Project 1 aims to discriminate SZ from BP by investigating their trait versus state effects using longitudinal and cross-sectional multimodal data. Dr. Sui has extensive expertise in developing multivariate methods for combining multimodal imaging data and has worked closely with Dr. Calhoun over the past few years4. Her approaches are widely applicable to many different disorders, but she has recently focused on SZ and BP. To our knowledge, this is the first attempt to compare these patient groups using longitudinal data in the context of a multimodal approach including fMRI-DTI-sMRI data fusion. The PI has considerable experience in developing algorithms and has proposed a novel multivariate exploratory model for the combination of multiple data types/groups. She will also use a large cross-sectional data set to evaluate whether there are natural clusters in multimodal data that provide evidence to refute or support the standard clinical diagnoses. Finally, she will attempt to classify SZ and BP based on the identified group-discriminative traits, which may serve as potential biomarkers for each brain disorder. Previously collected data from over 500 subjects will be studied. 

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