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COBRE Phase 3 MDA //



Co-directors: Arvind Caprihan, PhD (MRN) & Stefan Posse, PhD (UNM Neurology)

Consultants: Lawrence Wald, PhD, Maurizio Corbetta MD, and Tom Eichele, PhD

This core provides the resources for acquiring data from six different imaging modalities: sMRI, DTI, fMRI, MRS, EEG and MEG. It provides equipment and resources for stimulus presentation, physiological monitoring and neuromodulation. In addition to providing advanced imaging resources, this core conducts research to address important problems in MRI, MEG/EEG and neuromodulation technologies. It also works to develop novel and more powerful approaches to improving neuroimaging data acquisition, including the development of more efficient pulse sequences, reduction of artifacts, increasing brain coverage in MRS, improvement of temporal resolution in fMRI, identification of ‘state’ changes in single trial MEG measures, and the coordination of neuromodulation and neuroimaging studies. The team that supports this core has extensive experience with MR and MEG/EEG methods and advanced strategies to address current issues and novel developments.


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