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COBRE Phase 3 ACAM //



Co-directors: Juan Bustillo, MD (UNM Psychiatry), Nora Perrone-Bizzozero, PhD (UNM Neurosciences), Julia Stephen, PhD (MRN)

Consultants: Jeff Lieberman, MD; Charles Bowden, MD

The ACAM core administers the flow of funds through the cores and individual projects in order to facilitate timely data collection, analyses, result dissemination, and also to allow junior PIs to secure independent external funding.  We are expanding our outreach to other neuro-related COBREs around the country in order to improve synergy amongst our investigators, and are currently planning a COBRE meeting here in Albuquerque for Summer 2020.

Aim 1. Administration. ACAM coordinates all the specific budgetary, regulatory and personnel issues involved in the three technical cores and the pilot project program.

Aim 2. Efficacy & Impact. To carefully evaluate metrics for each of the cores and the Pilot Project Program with a goal of maximizing the efficacy of the cores to stimulate local research and compete nationally and internationally. ADM is responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of the COBRE outreach efforts as well. 

Aim 3. Mentoring & Training. To extend our current mentoring and training program to both ensure local investigators are 1) obtaining the support they need to complete their projects on time (e.g., identification and elimination of barriers, sufficient mentor support) and 2) kept up to date on the most cutting-edge technology and tools available via the P-III training sessions as well as the seminar series managed by this Core.



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