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COBRE Phase 2 Core 4: BNI //

Biostatistics and Neuroinformatics (BNI) Core

Director: Erik Erhardt, PhD (UNM biostatistics)

Co-directors: Jessica Turner, PhD (MRN)

Consultants: Tor Wager, PhD and Mike Milham, PhD

The BNI Core will provide a centralized facility for biostatistical consultation. This core provides support to each of the five research projects at all levels of investigation. The support includes assisting in the formulation of specific hypotheses that are related to the overall unifying theme, reviewing the design of studies and assisting in their redesign and reformulation as new findings emerge, and assisting in the interpretation and presentation of the results. This core works in close cooperation with the ACAM Core and the ADA Core in order to ensure that an efficient communication network regarding statistical issues is available. In addition, the BNI Core has the primary responsibility for maintaining the database that investigators in each of the projects will access. Under the leadership of scientists at MRN, a highly efficient and effective system for data entry is available. The system is now serving clients outside of the COBRE and outside of MRN. 

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