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The Mind Research Network NIGMS-funded Multimodal Imaging of Neuropsychiatric Disorders Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (MIND COBRE) Phase III Program aims to support multidisciplinary pilot projects that fit within or expand upon the existing MIND COBRE infrastructure and its theme of multimodal imaging of neuropsychiatric and neurological illnesses. The Phase III program is particularly interested in supporting pilot projects that synergize across existing initiatives in psychosis, traumatic brain injury, aging, substance abuse and neurodevelopment, leverage neuromodulation, or introduces new innovative techniques to the institute.


The Phase III COBRE program supports three research cores:



An administrative core works to support the overall operation of the COBRE Phase III program. The MIND COBRE is headquartered at MRN, located in the Pete and Nancy Domenici Building on the North UNM campus, and is led by Dr. Andrew Mayer. Dr. Mayer, along with an internal advisory committee, external advisory committee, and a faculty development committee work to foster pilot projects and PIs across MRN, UNM, and other research facilities in New Mexico.



The aims of the Phase III COBRE are twofold:



  1. To bring together a cadre of investigators with diverse neuroimaging expertise who will work together to combine multiple imaging technologies (e.g., sMRI, fMRI, dMRI, MRS, EEG and MEG) to provide an unprecedented understanding of the neuropathology underlying multiple neuropsychiatric disorders.
  2. To provide these investigators with technological, cognitive neuroscience, and clinical research backgrounds to enhance interdisciplinary and translational research opportunities in New Mexico.
  3. To apply these scientific resources to the study of our unifying theme (biomarkers in psychosis and mood disorders) in five interrelated projects led by junior investigators who will be mentored by senior scientists.



  1. To expand the capability of our facilities and continue to combine the unique resources of MRN with clinical, technological and cognitive expertise in NM to strengthen and grow the diversified neuroimaging research environment and to create a program that will continue to be competitive nationally and internationally.
  2. To strengthen the mentorship opportunities for junior investigators, post-docs and graduate students who work in the New Mexico environment.
  3. To continue to build a cohesive and collaborative program within which interdisciplinary and translational research can be conducted, including a P50-level center grant that will be submitted in Year 3 of the Phase III award.


MRN houses state-of-the-art imaging infrastructure to support the scientific aims of the Phase III Research program:

MRN also provides data processing and management support to investigators through a centralized neuroinformatics system, a strong IT management plan, and state-of-the-art image analysis tools.

Support of the administrative aims is accomplished through regular meetings between the COBRE PI, the core directors and investigators. This multidisciplinary team of experts, coupled with MRN’s unique imaging and data analyses resources, works together to support the overall goals of the Phase III MIND COBRE program.




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