Principal Investigators //

Arvind Caprihan, PhD

Associate Professor of Translational Neuroscience

Arvind Caprihan

Dr. Caprihan researches multivariate statistical methods applied to understanding neuroimaging data from different modalities. 

He is a MRI Physicist with interests in diffusion measurement by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and analysis of white matter structure in relation to brain function measured by functional MRI (fMRI); and results of cognitive and psychological tests in patients with schizophrenia and psychopathy.

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Biomarkers for White Matter Injury in Vascular Dementia

White matter biomarkers based on blood-brain disruption and water diffusion in the white matter are being developed to characterize progression of white matter hyperintensities and to identify patients with Alzheimer’s and subcortical ischemic vascular disease who can develop cognitive impairment.

Executive Function and Early Child Development in Healthy and Preterm Infants

Neuroimaging imaging measures to serve as predictive biomarkers of executive function development in healthy and preterm infants are being developed.  This is based on integrating changes in cortical development, white matter tracts, cerebral blood flow, and proton spectroscopy with developmental assessments.