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EEG Systems //

Concurrent MEG/EEG Systems

The MEG system is capable of concurrently recording EEG data along with MEG data.  It can record 60 channels, 128 channels, standard clinical 10-20 channels, single electrode channels such as CZ1, or custom montages up to 60 channels.  It can also record up to four bipolar channels such as EKG, eye movement, and electromyography (electrical activity produced by muscles).

There are two EEG systems available for use.  One system is made by Neuromag, the maker of the MEG machine, and uses EEG caps with electrodes embedded in them.  The second system is made by EGI and is a net system of electrodes that are connected by stretchy elastic bands.  For advantages and disadvantages to both systems, please contact the MEG Core.

Neuromag EEG System

EGI EEG System  (EGI support: supportteam@egi.com)

Other Electrodes

We have bundles of electrodes for basic configurations including EKG, VEOG, HEOG, Cz Mastoid, EMG, and Ground electrodes. 

Bundle and Single Electrodes Impedance Testing

We have a single channel impedance tester and a multi-lead impedence tester, both from Grass Technologies

Stand Alone EEG Systems

MRN has two stand alone EEG systems available for use.  Contact MEG Core for more information on using these systems.

Biosemi EEG acquisition (http://www.biosemi.com/) using Cortech Active Two EEG caps (http://www.cortechsolutions.com/Products/DA/DA-AT)
EGI EEG system (https://www.mrn.org/collaborate/egi-eeg-system)

EEG is collected while the participant sits within an electromagnetically shielded room.
Presentation, Circ, and ePrime stimulus delivery systems are available and are integrated with visual and auditory stimulation and the MIND input  response device.