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MEG Day of Scan //

What to Expect

Study Participants

For information about what to expect during an MEG scan, please review the MEG Information sheet.  Please be aware that preparation for an MEG scan usually takes about 20 minutes (additional 15 minutes if also having an EEG) in addition to the time required to conduct the scan.

Research Team Members

Metal Screening

Prior to scanning, please make sure your participant is screened for metal using the MEG Metal Screening Form.  It is recommended that participants change into scrubs prior to being scanned so that no inadvertent metal objects are brought into the Magnetically Shielded Room.

Scan Preparation

Preparation for an MEG scan usually takes about 20 minutes.  A member of the research team or an MEG technician will apply sensors that record head position during the scan, will apply peripheral sensors to record eyeblinks and heartbeat, and will collect head shape points using a 3D tracking device to allow the MEG data to be mapped onto a structural MRI.  If EEG will be concurrently recorded, a sensor cap or net will go on the head and this usually takes another 10 or 15 minutes.  Having an MEG technician do the preparation is an additional charge, but there is no additional charge for the research team to use the preparation room.

The PI is responsible for providing a study coordinator. This person should either escort the participant to MRN or meet them at the clinic entrance at least 15 minutes before the scan. The study coordinator must be present in the MEG control room for the duration of the scan.  All research team members must successfully pass the MEG User Certification if attending scans. 

Study Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders have been created to assist your participants in remembering specific study visit information (contact name, phone number) and to provide directions and a map to the facility.