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Stimulus and Response Equipment //

The MEG system has a variety of stimulus and response requipment.

Stimulus Equipment

Stimuli are delivered through one of the two following software programs:

Custom input: MEG can receive custom 8 channel digital parallel port input, or single channel BNC digital or analog input

Visual Stimuli

Projector:  Panasonic PT-D7700 with DVI
Panasonic PT-D7700 User's Manual
Visual delay/jitter: 35.1 ms +/-0.2 ms

Auditory Stimuli

Etymotic auditory system: http://www.etymotic.com/pro/er30.aspx
Avotec auditory system : http://www.avotecinc.com
Auditory delay/jitter: 3.5.ms +/- 0.2ms

Somatosensory Stimuli

Digitimer electrical somatosensory stimulator: http://www.digitimer.com/clinical/pstims.htm#ds7a
Measured 10/20/2010: 2 ms delay

Grass electrical somatosensory stimulators: http://www.grasstechnologies.com/products/stimulators/stims88.html

Pneumatic somatosensory stimulator (8 channel)
Measured 1/3/2011: ~30ms delay

Details on stimuli are available from the MEG Core.

Response Equipment


Eyelink 1000 Eye-tracker: http://sr-research.com/EL_1000.html
Presentation extension for Eyelink: http://www.cs.umb.edu/~marc/prexel/

Custom Monitoring Equipment