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Participant Recruitment Registry

​Research is our best hope for understanding and treating mental illnesses. Thanks to help from volunteers, researchers are learning more and more about the causes of mental and behavioral disorders, and are finding new ways to treat and prevent illnesses. We are always recruiting individuals of all ages and races to participate in our studies.  

The Mind Research Network would like to invite you to join our Participant Recruitment Registry (PRR), a program that helps us identify individuals who are eligible for and interested in participating in scientific research.  Participation in the PRR is for research purposes only and is entirely voluntary. If you choose to register, the information you provide will be kept confidential.  If you would like to be contacted about future research studies and are interested in participating in the registry, please click HERE to log in or create a new account.

You can also participate by contacting the study team directly. Studies recruiting at the Mind Research Network and Lovelace Scientific Resources are listed below.  We thank you in advance for your contribution to our research mission!

The Impact of Diffuse Mild Brain Injury on Clinical Outcomes in Children

Andy Mayer, PhD, Traumatic Brain Injury Research

Purpose of Study: The aim of this research is to seek neuroimaging evidence of subtle physical or biochemical injury in subjects with TBI relative to healthy control subjects and, if detected, examine whether these injuries resolve.

Protocol Summary: Participants will undergo neuropsychological testing, neurosensory testing, magnetic resonance imaging (~4-5 hours). Repeat testing will occur 4 months and 12 months post injury (~3 hours). Participants in this study will be paid $20 per hour of participation.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: Males and females between the ages of 8-18 with no MRI contraindications (presence of a potentially dangerous non-removable metallic device).

505-272-0769    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 07-272

Targeted Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) to Enhance Speech-Language Treatment Outcomes in Persons with Chronic Post-Stroke Aphasia

Jessica Richardson, PhD, Other Neuroimaging Research

Purpose of Study: The aim of this research is to determine whether non-invasive brain stimulation paired with speech-language therapy results in better outcomes than speech-language therapy alone.

Protocol Summary: Participants may undergo non-invasive brain activity recording, brain scanning with MRI, neuropsychological and language testing, 15 sessions of active or sham brain stimulation with speech-language therapy and testing, and two follow-up testing sessions at 1 month and 2 months after therapy. Participants may earn $30 per testing session and $10 per therapy session in the form of a gift merchandise card.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: Individuals aged 25-85, who have suffered a stroke and have communication difficulties as a result.

505-277-1765    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 16-091

Reward-Guided Decision Making in Healthy Participants and Brain-Injured Patients

Jeremy Hogeveen, PhD, Traumatic Brain Injury Research

Purpose of Study: The purpose of the proposed research is to characterize the brain mechanisms underlying maladaptive reward processing in patients with mild traumatic brain injury (msTBI), with a focus on psychiatric symptoms in patients.

Protocol Summary: Participants will undergo surveys and neuropsychological testing (~3 hrs) followed by a 1.5 hr MRI session (brain scan) in which participants will perform cognitive tasks. Participants will receive $30 merchandise cards for each hour of participation for an average total of $120 – $150.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: Half of the participants will be patients with a msTBI (≤3 months up to 15 years) resulting from a concussive event. For Healthy Control (HC) participants, study inclusion criteria stipulate the participants will: have no history of major psychiatric disturbance, be either native or highly competent English speakers, have 12 or more years of education, have no contraindications to Magnetic Resonance Imaging have no history of substance abuse (excluding moderate alcohol or marijuana usage), and will not be pregnant or currently trying to get pregnant.

505-925-4043    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 19-053

A Magnetoencephalography Study of Body Ownership in Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders

Rhoshel Lenroot, MD, Schizophrenia Research

Purpose of Study: This research study is designed to determine whether disturbances in the sense of body ownership, such as dissociative symptoms, are stronger in individuals with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, and if these experiences are associated with differences in brain activity and brain neurometabolite levels.

Protocol Summary: Participants will undergo a diagnostic assessment, neurocognitive testing, a magnetoencephalography (MEG) scan, and an MRI session. Study activities may be spread over 2-3 visits. Participants will be compensated for their time.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: Individuals are eligible to participate if they are between the ages of 14 and 30, speak English, have no contraindications to MEG and MRI scanning, and either a) have a schizophrenia spectrum disorder, or meet criteria to suggest they may be at increased risk for a schizophrenia-spectrum disorder, or b) are volunteering as a health control and have no history of a psychiatric or neurologic disorder.

505-272-9552    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 19-057

LEAN Study

Eric Claus, PhD, Substance Abuse and Addiction

Purpose of Study: This study is researching how a weight loss medication affects alcohol consumption and decision making.

Protocol Summary: The study involves five visits over approximately 5 weeks. The total amount of time required is between 20 and 25 hours. Participants will be compensated up to $500.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: Individuals 21-65 years of age who are moderate to heavy alcohol drinkers who also smoke daily.

505-216-6545    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 20-989

Cognitive Neuroscience of Reward

James F Cavanagh, PhD, Depression Research

Purpose of Study: This project looks at the brain’s responses to reward in depressed and non-depressed participants.

Protocol Summary: Participants may be asked to do any of the following activities: Complete a confidential interview and answer questionnaires regarding their mood and feelings. Have their brain monitored using either MEG (about 1 hour of assessment and up to 1 hour of setup) or MRI (about 1 hour). Play simple learning video games for rewarding outcomes. May be contacted six months prior to the study to answer some simple questions via phone call. Participants will be compensated $20 - $30 an hour for their time.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: Men or women aged 18-55. In Aim 2, participants will need to either meet criteria for Major Depressive Disorder via a Structured Clinical Interview for the DSM-5 (SCID), or have an absence of symptoms to qualify as a control. Free from psychoactive medication for at least 2 weeks.

505-289-0734    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 20818

DevMind Study: Mapping Brain Development In Childhood

Julia Stephen, PhD, Neurodevelopment

Purpose of Study: This research study is designed to understand how the healthy brain matures and how hormones influence development.

Protocol Summary: Child will complete 2 visits per year for 5 years. The study uses non-invasive and harmless techniques, MEG (Magnetoencephalography), fMRI/MRI (functional magnetic resonance Imaging), saliva hormone collection and behavioral measures. Participants will be compensated for their time.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: Children between the ages of 6-8 and 11-13 years old, who have never been diagnosed with a psychiatric or neurological disorder, and are medically healthy. Parent(s) must be able to give valid informed consent and the child must be able and willing to provide assent to the study procedures

505-227-3199    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 521-19


Eric Claus, PhD, Addiction Research

Purpose of Study: This study is examining how the brain, behavior, and emotions change after alcohol treatment.

Protocol Summary: Participants complete surveys and brain imaging up to three times and will attend 12 weekly one hour treatment sessions. Participants will receive up to $440 for 32-33 hours of participation time over 15 months.

Basic Eligibility Criteria: We are looking for volunteers to participate in a research study who want to change their drinking with a non-medication based treatment.

505-633-8861     .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    HRRC#: 8418