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Meet the Faculty - The Mind Research Network //

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, MRN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization consisting of an interdisciplinary association of scientists located at universities, national laboratories and research centers around the world and is focused on imaging technology and its emergence as an integral element of neuroscience investigation.

Vince Calhoun
The Mind Research Network & The University of New Mexico


Keywords: ICA, multimodal fusion, data mining, genetics, MRI, biomarker, mental disorders


Julia Stephen
The Mind Research Network


Keywords: MEG, neurodevelopment, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, aging


Andrew Mayer
The Mind Research Network


Keywords: MRI-based imaging, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Psychotic Spectrum Disorders, Multisensory Cognitive Control


Arvind Caprihan
The Mind Research Network


Keywords: Diffusion Imaging, connectivity analysis, mental disorders, vascular cognitive impairment, child development, imaging lungs


Erik Erhardt
The University of New Mexico


Keywords: Statistics, Bayesian, Computing


Jean Liu
The Mind Research Network


Keywords: imaging (epi) genetics; multimodal analyses, feature extraction, data mining


Jing Sui
The Mind Research Network


Keywords: multimodal fusion, data mining, MRI, biomarker , mental disorders


John Phillips
The University of New Mexico & The Mind Research Network


Keywords: child development, research ethics, incidental findings


Qingbao Yu
The Mind Research Network


Keywords: brain imaging; brain network; graph theory; schizophrenia


Robyn Miller
The Mind Research Network


Keywords: brain networks, network dynamics, spatiotemporal dynamics, graph theory, multimodal fusion