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MEG Service Center Director:  Julia Stephen, Ph.D.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a technique that allows investigators to track brain activity in real time. MEG provides complimentary information relative to techniques such as fMRI through directly measuring neuronal activity with fine temporal resolution on the order of milliseconds. The MEG device housed at MRN allows investigators to study a wide range of clinical populations allowing for data collection both in sitting and supine positions. Recent advances in analysis approaches allow investigators to track and correct for movement during the MEG scan making studies with pediatric and other populations now possible. The MRN MEG Core maintains a diverse selection of stimulus equipment and participant monitoring devices providing behavioral and physiological monitoring synchronized with the MEG data. These capabilities provide for a unique environment within which to study the links between brain and behavior.  Click on the links below to explore the services provided by the MEG Core.

Elekta Neuromag MEG System

Concurrent EEG

Information for MEG Users

Stimulus and Response Equipment

Day of Scan - What to Expect