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Day of Scan //

What to Expect

Safety Screening
Please make sure your participant is “MRI safe” before scheduling a scan by reviewing the MRI Safety Screening form. If a person has a contraindication, they cannot be scanned until it is resolved to the Medical Director’s satisfaction. Everyone changes into scrubs prior to being scanned so that no inadvertent metal objects are brought into the scanner room. 

Research Team Responsibilities
The PI is responsible for providing a study coordinator. This person should either escort the participant to MRN or meet them at the clinic entrance at least 15 minutes before the scan. The study coordinator will help complete necessary paperwork including the informed consent (if not completed earlier), and the MRI Safety Screening form. The study coordinator must be present for the duration of the scan – either in the waiting area or in the MRI Control Room.  All research team members must successfully pass the MRI safety certification before being allowed in the MRI area.

Pregnancy Testing
Pregnancy testing is required for all post-menarchal women under 18 years of age and women over 18 years who suspect they may be pregnant. Performing the pregnancy test is the responsibility of the research team, and must be done on the day of the scan. Pregnancy testing results are kept confidential and are only shared with the participant. The MRI Technologist must be provided with the following documents: the pregnancy test results, if applicable, and the MRI Safety Screening form. After the scan, the research team must escort the participant out of the scanning area. 

Study Appointment Reminders
Appointment reminders have been created to assist your participants in remembering specific study visit information (contact name, phone number) and to provide directions and a map to the facility.