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Multi-Modal Imaging of Traumatic Brain Injury and Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis has gained recognition for the management of a variety of conditions associated with traumatic brain injury due to its recent legal status in many states. However, there have not been any empirical studies exploring the beneficial and adverse effects of medical cannabis in persons with TBI using an extensive clinical and cognitive battery or multimodal neuroimaging before. This pilot study represents the first step in reducing the knowledge gap caused by the lack of empirical evidence supporting the use of medical cannabis for TBI, as it will serve as a guide for which measures of therapeutic targets and adverse outcomes should be included in future randomized control trials. At the end of this study, it is expected that the medical community will, for the first time, have preliminary data about the potential safety profile of using medical cannabis to treat neuropsychiatric symptoms following TBI, and whether the safety profile may vary according to the ratio of CBD to THC.

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