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David Bridwell, PhD

Research Scientist

David Bridwell

Dr. Bridwell is interested in how apparently distinct brain networks integrate and shape sensory processing in healthy and clinical populations. His research generally falls under three areas. Within the first area, he focuses on the mechanisms and characteristics in which the brain shapes attention to visual and auditory features. He has approached this experimentally by measuring the cortical response to steady-state visual or auditory stimuli (i.e. with frequency-tagging), or by examining the sensitivity of healthy and clinical populations to moment-to-moment changes in the acoustic environment. Within the second area, he examines the utility of using natural stimuli to identify differences in preference and emotional processing within healthy individuals, and to distinguish between healthy individuals and mental health disorders and subtypes. In general, he is interested in understanding mental disorders from a symptom-based perceptive (as opposed to focusing on categorical diagnosis) and characterizing the relationship between individual symptom profiles and cognitive and cortical measures of attention and cognitive control.

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