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Elekta Neuromag MEG //

Elekta Neuromag MEG

The Neuromag® is a state-of-the-art neuromagnetic recording system capable of non-invasively recording magnetic fields produced by neuronal activity occurring within the brain. This observed data is called the magnetoencephalogram (MEG) and is analogous to the electroencephalogram (EEG) but represents the magnetic fields produced by ion flow associated with neuronal activity rather than the electric potentials measured in the EEG.

The coil configuration optimally combines the focal sensitivity of 204 planar gradiometers and the widespread sensitivity of 102 magnetometers for a total of 306 independent channels. This high sensor density allows for excellent spatial resolution, particularly for cortical surface activity. Real time data acquisition occurs at kHz rates.

The MEG is housed in a magnetically shielded room providing a low noise floor of 5-7 fT. The system is integrated with simultaneous high density EEG (up to 128 channels), and has simultaneous EOG and EKG capabilities.

Interference compensation by on-line Signal Space Projection (SSP) using the sensor array as a reference; involves no increase of white noise.  MaxFilter™ software feature filters all magnetic interferences and artifacts, and provides your analysis with reliable data. Both internal disturbances, for example pacemakers and bracelets, and external, such as elevators, power lines are filtered.  Head movement is also compensated for.  MaxFilter is based on Signal Space Separation method.

Information From Elekta, the manufacturer:
Description of the Elekta Neuromag System
Neuromag video

Specs of our machine:

Clinical MEG video by Nebraska Medical Center
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Acquisition Software

The Elekta Neuromag MEG has proprietary software that is specifically designed by Elekta to capture and record the MEG data.  It can also capture EEG data, stimuli and responses. 

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