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Accessing Imaging Data //

All imaging and behavioral data collected at MRN is stored on MRN's network servers.  As part of study initiation, each investigator should receive a UserID and password to the data network.  To request access, please contact researchops@mrn.org.   If you are on an MRN machine or accessing the network through VPN, you can run any xterm client and an xwindows client to access the computers. 

ARCHIVE data are the imaging and behavioral data directly from the scanner, and are archival—they are read-only files and users cannot write in those folders, though the data can be copied from the archive to other locations.  Users can view the folders and files, however, which can be useful to confirm available data from a study.

ANALYSIS data are the outputs of the auto analysis pipeline, and are written to study-specific directories where the research team for that study have read and write access.