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The Intermountain Neuroimaging Consortium (INC) is a partnership between the University of Colorado Boulder and the Mind Research Network. The INC brings together internationally recognized neuroscientists from the Rocky Mountain region who study complex psychological processes such as addiction, pain, emotion, attention, sleep, and learning and memory, as well as physicists and engineers who study and develop innovative MRI methods and analysis techniques. This unique research environment promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among area scientists, and offers an unprecedented opportunity for other scientists in the region to enhance their existing research by making use of the INC’s expertise and cutting edge neuroimaging resources.

MRN and CU-Boulder have partnered in the operation of a state-of-the-art 3 Tesla magnetic resonance (MR) scanner, located at the CU-Boulder Center for Innovation and Creativity (CINC). This arrangement provides MRN access to a broader population for recruitment to its research programs, while allowing Boulder to more effectively conduct the neuroimaging component of studies rather than relying on facilities an hour away in Denver. The organizations, together, also plan to build and launch a shared database of crucial information that will be made available to other institutions working to better understand the human brain.

The center provides functional and anatomical imaging technology and other resources for research projects at the University of Colorado campuses (Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs), and for researchers from MRN, as well as other scientists in the Rocky Mountain region.

Kent Hutchison, PhD - Chief Science Officer, The Mind Research Network; Director of Clinical Neuroscience and Collaborative Initiatives, University of Colorado-Boulder
Vince Calhoun, PhD - Chief Technology Officer, The Mind Research Network
Tor Wager, PhD - Director of Analytic Approaches and Methods, University of Colorado-Boulder