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2020 COBRE Request for Pilot Project Proposals //

2020 COBRE Request for Pilot Project Proposals

COBRE Request for Pilot Project Proposals

The Mind Research Network NIGMS funded Multimodal Imaging of Neuropsychiatric Disorders Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (MIND COBRE) is soliciting applications for pilot projects for multidisciplinary projects that fit within or expand upon the existing MIND COBRE infrastructure and its theme of multimodal imaging of neuropsychiatric illnesses.  Projects that synergize across existing initiatives, and/or that incorporate neuromodulation, are especially encouraged.  However, other projects based within MRN may also be competitive for pilot funding.

Please submit budgets up to a maximum of $25K in non-scan costs and up to $25K in scan costs (3T MRI is currently billed at $440/hr, mobile MRI at $500/hr, and MEG at $450/hr).  The pilot project program is designed to provide 1 year of support and training for investigators (individuals with a PhD and/or MD at any level, from junior to senior) who have and interesting idea that will lead to a future funded project.  The COBRE cores include 1) MDA: multimodal data acquisition (MRI/MEG), 2) ADA: algorithm and data analysis, 3) DNI: biostatistics and neuroinformatics.  If needed, applicants should identify a mentor or mentors from the existing COBRE senior faculty.  See https://www.mrn.org/common/cobre-phase-3 for details on MRN's COBRE.  Please contact Dr. Vince Clark (vclark@mrn.org) with any questions and to discuss and refine your proposal ideas.

Proposal Format and Submission:

The deadline for applications is April 17, 2020.  Proposals should be emailed as a single pdf file to Dr. Vince Clark, vclark@mrn.org, and must include the following information:

Project Narrative (no more than 3 pages):

Describe your project, including the following elements:

  1. Title

  2. PI/mentor(s) [if junior PI] and Co-PIs

  3.  Relationship of project to COBRE cores (1 paragraph, describe how the project will use COBRE core resources for imaging and analysis)

  4. Specific Aims

  5. Innovation & Significance

  6. Research plan & Timeline

  7. Future plans (1 paragraph describing specific timeline that will lead to future grant submissions that will, in turn, include support for the established COBRE cores)

Additional Required Information (to be included in the same pdf):

  1. Project bibliography

  2. Project budget and budget justification

  3. NIH biosketches for PI and primary collaborators

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the MIND COBRE internal faculty development committee (IFDC).  Finalists will be invited to present their projects to the IFDC (10-15 minute teleconference presentation given recent social distancing guidelines), and final decisions will be announced by May 29, 2020.  Following approval by the COBRE IFDC, additional approvals by the MIND COBRE External Advisory Committee, IRB and the NIH are also required before the project can begin.